Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport launched in Thailand-more sporty appearance, hybrid engine, chassis adjustments,

2021-12-01 08:27:02 By : Mr. jack song

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Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport was launched in Taiwan in September and has now entered the Thai market, adding a sportier design to this popular SUV. A total of 27,794 regular Corolla Crosses were sold in the Land of Smiles-Toyota says this number is the highest among B-segment cars-and the addition of hybrid GR Sport models will only expand its presence in the region.

As expected, this variant is at the top of the lineup, 50,000 baht (6,200 ringgit) higher than HEV Premium Safety, and is priced at 1,240,500 baht (154,700 ringgit). For this, you will get a 98 PS/142 Nm 2ZR-FXE 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine and a 72 PS/163 Nm electric motor, which combined can provide a total system output of 122 PS. The rated fuel consumption is 23.3 kilometers per liter.

The GR Sport body kit is exactly the same as in Taiwan, mainly around the redesigned front panel. There is a new grille with horizontal bars and a thick bright black surround that leads to the headlights, much like Mazda's Kodo grille. Further down, you will find a more aggressive triple air intake design, as well as a stronger decorative anti-skid plate.

The latter is repeated on the sides and rear of the car, with clear LED taillights installed. The black roof and the unique 18-inch turbo-design two-tone alloy wheels make the exterior changes more perfect. Inside, you will get black leather seats with white central stripes and GR embossed headrests, perforated leather-wrapped gear handles, bright black interior and a few GR badges.

It also includes some chassis adjustments, including re-adjusting the steering and lower struts. Last but not least, GR Sport adds a low-speed stop and forward function to adaptive cruise control-this function has also been extended to regular HEV Premium Safety models.

Closer to home, Corolla Cross will soon enter CKD local assembly, which coincides with Malaysia's debut hybrid model. Would you like to see GR Sport reach our coast at some point?

We always receive models like third world countries in Malaysia, and the updated version that is different from our neighbors is the latest version

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For this price, it is wiser to choose a larger and better CRV 1.5 TC-P 2WD.

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